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SMEs and leading corporate houses across Asia come together at the inaugural Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2014


 SMEs and leading corporate houses across Asia come together at the inaugural Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2014

Tetra Pak (Thailand), Globe Telecom Philippines, Hatten Group Malaysia, British India, Mencast Holdings Singapore, Hemas Holdings PLC Sri Lanka, Telekomsel Malyasia and Manila Electric are some of the big winners at the Inaugural Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2014


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The inaugural Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2014, organized by the MORS Group, Malaysia was held amid much fanfare at the Fairmont Hotel in Singapore on 26th November 2014. The awards showcased some of Asia’s finest and best corporate leaders.

Granted at the sole discretion of the six-person Jury Panel comprising corporate leaders, consultants and experts, the ACES 2014 awards are presented in a range of categories.

Under the Leadership category, the awards are:

·         Entrepreneur of the Year / Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

·         Young Entrepreneur of the Year

·         Outstanding Leaders in Asia

·         Top SMEs in Asia

Under Sustainability criteria the awards are:

·         Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year

·         Green Company of the Year

·         Community Care Company of the Year

·         Best Company to Work for of the Year

·         Top CSR Advocates in Asia

·         Top Green Companies in Asia

·         Top Community Care Companies in Asia

·         Top Companies to Work for in Asia

Elaborating on the purpose and the significance of the ACES Awards, Mr Hemant Batra, Chairman of Jury Panel of the ACES awards 2014 said, “Any kind of growth is meaningless without excellence and sustainability… The grant of Awards for Corporate Excellence and Sustainability is an extreme and dire need at this time. Corporate Sustainability signifies a viable future and passing on a better world to our children. It is a multi-dimensional holistic approach expected from the corporate world to grow but not to the detriment of future generations.”

The ACES 2014 Award recipients in the two categories are:

Leadership Category

Outstanding Leaders

         Mr. Colin Tan of the Hatten Group Sdn Bhd. In Malaysia’s highly-competitive property, development and investment market, the Hatten Group “stood out as a symbol of bold and iconic innovation”.

         Mr. Ahamad Bin Mohamad of Kulim (Malaysia) Bhd

         Mr. Steven Tham of Leeden National Oxygen Limited, Singapore

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

         Ms Pat Liew of fashion retailer BritishIndia was the recipient of this Award in the Leadership category

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

         This award was presented to the innovative recycler Mr. Seah Kian Hoe of Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd Malaysia .

Sustainability Category

Community Care Award

         Great Eastern Life, Malaysia won the honours for its contribution towards children’s charities across Malaysia.

         Hemas Holdings PLC, Sri Lanka has over the years shown innovation in community involvement

Top Companies to Work For in Asia

         Telkomsel Indonesia, with its 4,700 strong employee force across Indonesia, was presented this award.

         Mencast Holdings Ltd Singapore, with its belief in “hiring for attitude and training for skill”

         Globe Telecom, Philippines which evidenced targeted efforts in building a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Green Company of the Year

         Tetra Pak Thailand emerged as the winner in this category.

Most Socially Responsible Company in Asia

         Manila Electric (Philipines) received the award in this category. 

All the awardees demonstrated strong leadership skills and responsible business traits such as incorporation of ethical values, innovation in community impact as well environment-friendly practices in their business.

In lieu of the ACES 2014 Awards, the MORS Group also published Beacons of Asia” a handbook which highlights all the recipients and their businesses. Speaking about the inaugural edition of the ACES 2014 awards Ms Shanggari B CEO Mors group commented, “Collaboration of resources amongst corporates paired with sound leadership amplifies the impact of sustainability initiatives”. Dr. Jayanthi Desan, Jury of ACES Awards in her officiating speech said, “Congratulations to all winners. I hope to see more companies join us next year, to honor and felicitate such stalwarts in corporate excellence and sustainability.”

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