Five practical tips for developing a sustainable workplace

Here are five things Human Resources and Professional Development teams can do to create a culture that supports employees working in today’s fast-paced technological workplace:

  1. Create a competency framework for employees that values skills such as client service, e.g. responding to client e-mails promptly, and agility, e.g. carving out time during the day for uninterrupted work.
  2. Assess an employee’s performance annually by having supervisors look at results achieved, complete review forms based on the skills in the aforementioned competency framework, and discuss the feedback in an in-person meeting.
  3. Offer time management training that showcases leaders from various departments in the organization, focusing on how they balance client needs, creative projects, and management responsibilities.
  4. Create a list of best practices for managing time within the particular organization and provide links to related applications and time management tools.
  5. Provide on-site gym facilities or offer a discount to a local gym to encourage employees to take time to rejuvenate.