Bridging the Leadership Gap in Asia - Quick Facts

  • One-third (33%) of senior leaders are engaged in the workplace, while 38% of direct reports to CEOs in the region's companies are engaged. These levels are significantly lower than overall averages for these groups in Gallup's global employee engagement database, which shows that 48% of senior leaders are engaged, as are 43% of direct reports to CEOs.
  • One in five senior leaders in Asian companies strongly agree that there is someone who encourages their development or that someone at work has talked to them about their progress.
  • One in three senior leaders strongly agree that they have opportunities to learn and grow at work.
  • The ongoing boom in the Indonesian market strongly underscores the country's need to develop leaders.
  • Extreme turnover in China -- the result of an overheated talent market -- requires a unique strategy to attract and retain the best potential leaders.
  • In India, companies with an increasingly younger workforce have seen high turnover and generally low levels of engagement.

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